The Sketch Book — portrait


Bride Inslee lindsay portrait The Sketch Book watercolor wedding

Another lovely bride in honor of blog-bride-week! I think Lindsay has such a resemblance to her portrait I just had to share... I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Bridal Commission Bride Inslee portrait The Sketch Book watercolor wedding

This is Melissa, a recent bridal commission. Isn't she lovely? And that train!? And here is how it looks framed (with fabulous flowers)... Oh I just love bridal projects. I think one reason why is because it gets me out of drawing feet! I hate drawing feet. Well... and of course I enjoy all the eternal love and fancy dresses too, but a "no footer" is definitely a plus. and with that.... Happy weekend!

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heart on my sleeve

fashion illustration Inslee Inslee By Design portrait The Sketch Book

hello. so, when it comes to illustrating you i will make you as skinny or as stylish or as sassy  in your pose as you might imagine yourself to be. i will make it you, only better. but when it comes to illustrating me, i can't quite get there. i just did this illustration of myself for a little interview feature and it turned out so honest, not nearly as inventive as my usual work. i must feel like i can't bend the truth when it comes to what i really look like...

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