The Sketch Book — Atlantic-Pacific

Escaping part 2

Atlantic-Pacific escape Inslee Inslee By Design summer The Sketch Book

Goodmorning! So, on Tuesday I posted about escaping to an imagined town on the Riviera in the hopes of escaping the cold and willing spring to come faster and guess what... the forecasted snow that we were supposed to wake up to on Wednesday in NYC didn't come!IT WORKED. I am an illustration voodoo meteorologist mastermind. Let's test my powers further...Today, inspired by Atlantic Pacific I invite you to join me and focus all your energy on moving the temperature up at least 10 degrees. My goal is to control (with my mind) the north east weather patterns to not drop below...

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outerwear obsession

Atlantic-Pacific blair eadie Inslee By Design New York City outerwear The Sketch Book winter

preparing for the great north winter has become a full time obsession for me (although perhaps unwarranted as it is sixty eight degrees today in new york city). but global warming aside, i am still going full speed ahead in search of exciting new ways to sport outerwear. i spent the last week obsessing about vests. this week i have moved on to protective foot/leg gear. i am in love with the tights + OTK socks + boots combo i saw Blair wearing on Atlantic Pacific. i must go find these socks asap. i'm thinking maybe urban outfitters carries ironically...

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Atlantic Pacific 123

Atlantic-Pacific DC Inslee By Design San Francisco The Sketch Book

Hello! Happy Thursday. It is an amazingly beautiful spring day in DC. Made all the more beautiful by the fact that yesterday was disgustingly ugly. DC weather is a cruel mistress. Which brings me to my point (yes I'm going somewhere fashion illustration related!!) Yesterday I discovered Atlantic-Pacific which is my new favorite blog. It appears to be based in San Fran which could explain why this girl has springtime dressing down to a science - the weather in San Fran is just so awesome. I like to think if I lived somewhere with such an agreeable climate I'd be...

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