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Mink + Chitchat

friday Inslee Inslee Haynes mink questionnaire The Sketch Book

If you thought those ankles in my last post were exciting, then this bare legged girl is a total exhibitionist. At least she has her mink to keep her warm.Speaking of, do you all get offended by fur? I love animals but I love being warm most of all. Mink is really, really warm. And practical question - is it still a conflict garment if the mink died a really long time ago? There are some amazing vintage fur shops around the East Village. I think an antique mink might be a good "grown up" purchase one of these days.Moving on......

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fashion illustration friday Inslee By Design pinterest The Sketch Book

happy weekend! i pinned this image forever ago and just finally got around to sketching her. doesn't she look like shes about to twirl and start dancing with excitement? perhaps about the impending weekend? interesting fact: look at the photograph and then look at my illustration - somehow i reflected the image while i was painting it. i didn't even notice it till it was done. crazy, huh!? lets call it dyslexia chic

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friday frills

fashion illustration friday randi brookman harris The Sketch Book

happy friday! this illustration was inspired by the stylings of Randi Brookman Harris. Her blog bottomless well of sketching ideas. have a lovely weekend, and if your feeling extra festive, buy a print! oh and ps... here is one of my favorite tidbits from her blog...

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kick off your heels

friday The Sketch Book

its finally Friday!!!! go sit in your wing back chair naked and kick your shoes off provocatively, you deserve it!

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