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tara in tibi

Birthday sketch Inslee By Design The Sketch Book tibi

Happy Birthday to Tara! She's sporting a Tibi number with an open back, which her lovely new hair cut showcases perfectly. At first, I considered putting her in high wasted pants or perhaps a designer backpack. You see, Tara is one of the few people I've ever met that can confidently wear both of these articles of clothing. And then I considered a sleek set of expandables (we both love our lululemon stretch attire aka "expandables" more than is good for us) But I decided the color and cut of this Tibi was too beautiful not to illustrate today. So...

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is that vintage chanel? no, its my dog

Inslee By Design the man repeller The Sketch Book tibi

I know I already recently devoted a blog post to the funniest woman online and possibly on the planet, The Man Repeller, but this was too good to pass up. Second times the charm they say anyway... This is inspired by the hilarious and yes also lovely Man Repeller/Tibi photo shoot. Here Leandra is employing one of my personal style maxims: when in search of last minute outfit accessories (or illustration detail), a dog always works in a pinch. And it goes without saying, but will be said: her outfit is amazing. Who knew leather tunic + full mid-calf skirt...

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olivia tibi friday

olivia palermo spring/summer 2011 The Sketch Book tibi weekend

i'm going to a double header birthday party night for two amazingly fierce individuals tonight. i wish i had this tibi dress to wear, it would be perfect. have a romantic weekend!

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Katherine in Tibi

Birthday fashion magpie louboutin The Sketch Book tibi

Hi... meet Katherine! Katherine is a financier-turned-flower-enthusiast with angelic strawberry blond curls and extreme dance moves. Also, it was her birthday on Saturday. And because I do not blog on weekends, I am sharing this with you now as part of my newly instated plan to celebrate my friends birthdays with illustrations. Katherine is wearing the stylings of the fashion magpie: Tibi dress, accents of emerald jewelry, and Louboutins. It was so fun to pick out an outfit for her, I can't wait for the next birthday of someone fabulous to style and illustrate. Happy Birthday KP! xoxo

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