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Summer time cards are here!

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Hello friends! Hope you all had a nice long weekend. I'm back with new card designs for all your summer time note writing needs... You probably recognize them as they've been blog posts/prints for a while now. So many of you wrote in to ask if these might turn into stationery so I decided to go for it! I've put in some sample ideas for imprinting too. Both Beach Weekend and Chevronette are available now in my shop!

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bridesmaid gifts

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Well, what a way to start Friday. Kate exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. I loved her sleek bridal look, even better than what I anticipated! So in keeping with today's theme of love and marriage, I thought I'd share with you a project I did recently for a bride to be. She shared pictures with me of her bridesmaids and flower girls and together we worked on creating on stationery for each girl. The individual illustrations are pictured above. Sarah, the bride, selected pictures of her friends in their cutest outfits to share with me and made sure...

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