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girlfriends, i need your help

2013 coffee design girlfriends Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes News and Events notecards The Sketch Book

 Hello friends. Let's gossip over coffee. We can talk about our feelings and dreams and about how justified we were for throwing that fit/buying that bag/judging that engagement ring. I'll convince you to quit your job and you can convince me to go on a juice cleanse with you.Ok, well we won't really be together. And there may not be coffee. I will be here, inside my computer and you will be there, inside your computer.But I do want to have a conversation with you. Because I trust your judgement and love your taste!I'm working on working smarter this year....

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pink chair

chairs design Inslee john derain company john robs haw NYC The Sketch Book

So, when I'm out and about creepily noticing peoples outfits, I tend to end up in home design stores no matter where I was actually trying to go. John Derain Company is especially dangerous as it is on my normal route to go to yoga. I go there at least once a week to contemplate the 75 dollar candles and to visit this pink chair. The one above isn't exactly like the one at the store, but its the same idea. I love this chair so much but sadly when you live with a boy in an apartment the size of...

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la chaise

chair design Inslee The Sketch Book

I don't know about you, but I love chairs. Quite possibly my favorite furniture/design item... closely followed by architects lamps, topiary trees, free standing antlers, coffee tables. Ah I just cannot get enough of design elements! I want a new job as a designer! But back to chairs. Love em. Love buying them, upholstering them, pinning pictures of them, sitting in them, saying chair in french... la chaise... And also, apparently I now love drawing them. And sharing them with you. Happy Friday!

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