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Inslee + Winifred + Christmas = Merry Marriage

BRIDES magazine cece dupraz christmas custom illustration inslee by design wedding winifred paper

Hello! Are you a bride? And are you wondering how it works if you want to work with me? Well, here is the whole process spelled out for you through the story of this lovely couple... Meet Kelly of Winifred Paper's and my imaginary friends Caroline and Andrew! They got engaged last year on a sustainable organic Christmas Tree farm on Christmas Eve, which happens to also be both their birthdays. So naturally, they wanted to have a Christmas Eve wedding. And because they devoted a year to volunteer in disaster relief areas in the third world they just now got around...

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custom illustration Fendi Inslee Inslee By Design Italy the row The Sketch Book vespa watercolor

Meet Daniela! This is an example of the wonderful world of custom portraits that could be yours if you chose to commission me. Daniela worked with me on every aspect of this painting to make it reflect the details of her life. For example, she spends her summers in Italy, so we posed her riding a vespa. She interned at Fendi, so we chose to make it not only a vespa but a Fendi vespa. She also worked for The Row, so shes toting this $34,000 dollar backpack (another glowing example of my illustrative ability to give you things you...

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custom illustration Inslee By Design The Sketch Book

hello! does this lady look familiar? well, perhaps its because you know her sister... yes, pencil skirts run in the family. this is just a little example of a custom project i did recently. my lovely client asked me to recreate this girl in her likeness and dressed in her style and this is what we came up with. it was a fun experiment to remix a favorite illustration and give her a new look.

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Bride & Groom (& me)

Bridal Illustration Bride & Groom custom illustration DC fashion illustration Hanna Nation Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes kate middleton Kate Spade New York News and Events Washingtonian

Hello! Today I am proud to share with you that my art was featured in Washingtonian Bride & Groom in their new Summer/Fall 2011 issue! Here is an illustration of mine on the Table of Contents page for the magazine and... Here, on the Editors Pick page, my custom illustrations are listed as a great bridal gift. And in case you do not have super human vision, here's a close up of my Kate Middleton illustration and where it says I can provide you with an "adorable sketch of your wedding gown"... Isn't that just delightful? I feel so honored...

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its beginning to look a lot like pre-christmas!

Christmas custom illustration holiday season The Sketch Book white christmas

what an exciting time, the pre-holiday season holidayness starting to pop up everywhere. insanely early twinkle light and wreath displays, blaring christmas tunes in mid november, ahhh i love it. there is something deliciously wrong about accidentally stumbling upon 'white christmas' on the radio before thanksgiving. (i immediately switch back to listening to G6 because i promised myself i'd wait till after turkey day for these sort of indulgences)... its like the thrill of peaking around the house for the hidden presents, hoping you'll find them but also sort of hoping you wont. anticipation is the best. pre-christmas is one...

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