The Sketch Book — beach

Beach Experiment

beach Inslee Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes The Sketch Book watercolor

 So I was playing around with watercolors yesterday... actually using them as watercolors and not just a vehicle for adding life to ink drawings. It was refreshing to break the mold of my "technique" and turned out sort of cool (I think). I was trying to capture an aerial view of a beach dotted with yellow umbrellas.It was scary at first, not to try to make it perfect. I even stood up while I was painting it, which I never do. Officially out of the comfort zone.After a little while I was at it I got so comfortable out of my...

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Summer Stella

beach dear stella design Inslee News and Events summer watercolor

An illustration I created for Dear Stella Designs to celebrate their new summer patterns part of the "It's a Shore Thing" collection.Have a happy weekend, hopefully living out this illustration somewhere beachy!

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weekend wear

beach Inslee summer The Sketch Book watercolor weekend

just picked up a new beach cover up, its time for the weekend!

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Summer Breeze

beach Inslee By Design summer The Sketch Book weekend

you know that perfect feeling of a breezy lightness that only happens the first beach visit of the year? before the sun has reached its summer scorching height yet and there is still cool air coming off the ocean? yes. that is what i am channeling right now as i sit in my landlocked row house in georgetown. that breezy - ideally early morning before its crowded - beach feeling. i know summer and yellow bathers and the beach are still a few weeks away but i'm getting excited already! i hope you all have a breezy lovely weekend. Ps....

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