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march resolution

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My March monthly resolution is going to be to find a breakfast that works for me. I admit I love lavish breakfasts as much as the next pinterest member. I eat croissants like they're going out of style. But sadly daily croissant consumption is not a sustainable plan. Not only are they overpriced and generally sold at tiny shops that demand cash only, but they are essentially devoid of any nutritional value (unless you consider butter to be a fruit/vegetable). So I've decided its time to reassess. What do you all eat for breakfast? Is greek yogurt really all its...

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happy weekend! i pinned this image forever ago and just finally got around to sketching her. doesn't she look like shes about to twirl and start dancing with excitement? perhaps about the impending weekend? interesting fact: look at the photograph and then look at my illustration - somehow i reflected the image while i was painting it. i didn't even notice it till it was done. crazy, huh!? lets call it dyslexia chic

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2012 Calendar Inslee By Design Inslee Calendar Matchbook Mag News and Events pinterest Rue

I'm so excited, I'm so excited, guess what today is! Its announcing the new calendar day! as in the new CALENDAR IS HERE! Behold a little glimpse of what 2012 has in store for you... Can you believe how organized I am this year? It is ready and waiting for you so many months before 2012 is even on the horizon. I might just get started on 2013. But then again, we should probably wait to see how things pan out with the end of the Mayan calendar before I go to too much trouble... Anyway, I would like to...

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orange crush

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hello! so this morning i suddenly realized that with all the hustle and bustle of prepping for the stationery show i had only drawn one thing this week. how sad! so i decided to sit down and draw something just for me, well just for you dear blog friends. and i couldn't think of anything! all this prep work had turned off my creative brain! i had the worst case of illustrators block. it was a little scary, ideas are always swirling around my head, its so second nature to me to have creativity be a part of my day....

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