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book signing at W atlanta - buckhead

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Today I'll be hanging out with Emily Giffin at Urban Chic in DC, you may remember this illustration that I did for the invitation. But I wanted to share another EG related illustration too. This was for Emily's book party in Atlanta over the weekend at the W hotel, where guests met the author around the hotel's beautiful pool.

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stars, they're just like us

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Good morning! I'll be back later with illustration postings but I just had to take a hot second to brag. Above is a picture of me (center left) flanked by my cronies and the lovely lady on the right in purple is the one and only Emily Giffin. This was taken when the four of us bffs were out clubbing together on Friday night. Well, not really, we had actually just met moments before. But we were in a club... to celebrate the launch in paperback of Emily's latest novel, Heart of the Matter. How did I get to go...

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book worm

emily giffin The Sketch Book

good morning! this is a monday to end all mondays. today is christmas tree murder day. yes there is a giant truck/machine outside my window eating up the discarded christmas trees with horrible teeth maching grinding noises. so sad.... so luckily, i have something very cheerful to share with you: these are illustrations i did inspired by emily giffin's book series. you know, something borrowed, something blue etc. i've read them all - i'm a book worm, did you know that? and recently discovered that emily has a website where she shares fan photos. girls from all around the world...

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