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Model Week

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New York Fashion Week is quickly approaching, and the models are everywhere!The building my studio is located in suddenly becomes a mothership of fashion castings the week before NYFW and tall, emaciated, mysteriously eastern-european women flock toward it in droves.Today, as I stalked up 9 flights of stairs, dripping umbrella in one hand, juggling cell phone, wallet and keys in the other, clad in my ever-alluring jcrew flats and humidity-rage infused hair, I came upon an occupation of models on the staircase between the 6th and 7th floors.If you've ever walked up 9 flights of stairs, you know that by...

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casting call

Casting Fashion Week Model NYFW 2012 The Sketch Book

NYFW is right around the corner and this means model casting is in full swing right now. All week I've felt very miniature riding the elevator on my way up to my studio next to this seemingly different species as they head into castings being held in my building.It is especially entertaining when more than one is in the elevator with me at the same time. They rarely acknowledge each other which drives me nuts. I want to blurt out "So you all are tall, huh?" or something like that. The competitive, silent tension is almost painful for me to...

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