The Sketch Book — champagne

Auld Lang Stye... that can't be right can it?

champagne illustration Inslee By Design new years eve The Sketch Book

Well. We made it. It's the last day of the year. It's time for champagne.I don't remember a New Year's Eve that wasn't cloudy and cold. I love that feeling, like the whole day is just a breath away from night time. It's always a little bit melancholy and a little bit expectant. The greenery is still up but the Christmas reds are replaced with gold and silver sparkle. Is there any thing prettier than greenery and gold and the strains of auld lang stye drifting around like lost snow flakes (is that even how you spell the name of...

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End of the world: going out on a champagne and chicken high

champagne Christmas end of the world fried chicken Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes Manhattan Wine Company mayan calander MWC The Cardinal The Sketch Book wine

Happy Mayan-Calendar-End Eve! I'm doing my best to spend all the money in my bank account today before the end of the world. Why leave anything left un-purchased? This is it! Besides, Christmas is coming and on the off chance that the world doesn't end tomorrow I'd like to be prepared with great presents.You know what else I'm doing to prepare for the apocalypse? Eating as much fried chicken and drinking as much champagne as is socially appropriate for someone preparing to meet the great beyond tonight with Manhattan Wine Company at their 1st annual Champagne/Fried Chicken dinner.Yes, MWC - a wine...

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bastille day buvette champagne Inslee New York The Sketch Book

It's almost Bastille Day, so today my post will be about my favorite place for French eating in New York.About this time last year, just after moving here, my friends and I discovered a sweet little French restaurant called Buvette. I think we were probably looking for somewhere to celebrate Bastille day. And I think I also fell asleep on the bar, exhausted from moving in and absorbing all of the newness of the city, while two of my favorite wine fanatics analyzed the finer points of a champagne into the early hours of the morning.We have spent more time there...

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