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it's June!

Inslee By Design Inslee Calendar inslee stationery june The Sketch Book

Happy June! Time to dip your toes in the water and start enjoying summer!

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flora and fauna

Inslee By Design inslee stationery new cards The Sketch Book

Goodwednesday to you all, its time for more question and answer on new card ideas. I simply cannot make decisions for myself. So do you want to see a postcard like whats above, or a standard flat correspondence card like below? Or perhaps a vertically oriented postcard? Or perhaps this whole idea needs some tweaking. What do you think my leeetle guinea pigs?

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Flat Card hydrangeas Inslee By Design inslee stationery stationery The Sketch Book

Good morning! Some flowers for you... What are your thoughts on this as a new card? Would it benefit from some of my usual black pen sketching or does it stand up with just paint? and perhaps with a name atop it?

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loosen up/good old days

august calendar Inslee By Design inslee stationery snow The Sketch Book

yes, i know, its another beach-lounging lady with a book two days in a row. #whitegirlproblems i just found this one in a digging-through-old-stuff session. this was from august of '07. i like how free and messy it is. i'm afraid my drawings are getting too meticulous. im considering drawing a few sketches with my foot to loosen things up. and sometimes you need a little beach daydreaming on these dreary January days. is it just me or is january getting longer each year? its frigid out today and trying to snow despite apparent meterologic constipation. the one or two...

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Inslee Inslee By Design inslee stationery The Sketch Book

hope everyone is surviving this soggy monday! i seem to be drawing a lot of strange crouching poses lately don't i? i found this one on Le Fashion

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