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Article: NYFW... Some Favorites


NYFW... Some Favorites

You may have noticed that a recurring theme in this blog - how much I enjoy talking about how frumpy DC is and how predictable life among the frumps (as one of the frumps) can be. So, yes, I am going to discuss this issue again. This time in relation to Fashion Week. As a citizen of the District, it is totally acceptable to be extremely behind schedule on posting anything about NYFW since all fashion related news is couriered down to us on horseback. Plus I needed some time to reflect. So anyway, clearly I did not get to attend any shows but instead was resigned sitting home reading blow by blow accounts of them on twitter and enviously pouring over fashion bloggers' posts about it. Frankly, after a while some of these tweeting-show-attending jerks were getting on my nerves gloating over how gorgeous everything was and how cool the music was. A. stop rubbing it in! and B. if its that cool, put down your iphone, tweeting can wait. Sighh... I'm just bitter. But anyway, since I was not attending fashion shows and instead was here in DC reading blogs I had plenty of time to pick out my favorite pieces out of other cooler bloggers favorites. Sort of sad? Yes. But it gets less pathetic - I did get to meet a NYC based fashion blogger last weekend, Taylor of the ever entertaining and stylish shut up, i love that shirt on you. She is my very first real live fashion blogger acquaintance and I'm pretty excited about it. Now that we've met I think its time I shared with you some of my favorites of her favorites from NYFW! Enjoy... This was from Oscar de la Renta's collection. Anything with a belt/waistband - particularly made of thick soft satin ribbon - is OK by me. Buy this as a print! This is Marc Jacobs. As always making women look like men in a very graceful, statement making way. Buy a print! and a little Dian von Ferstenberg. I liked the bright lips and belt on this otherwise neutral-ish ensemble. Buy a print! And my favorite of the favorites by Jason Wu. Giant ugly glasses that are some how... sexy? As Taylor described this look, "Nerd chic in the best possible way." Buy a print!

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Bradshaw Styling

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kick off your heels

its finally Friday!!!! go sit in your wing back chair naked and kick your shoes off provocatively, you deserve it!

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