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Article: Girl About Town

Bradshaw Styling

Girl About Town

Stephanie Bradshaw is an amazing Baltimore-based stylist who I have been working with since... well man I feel old... since way back to my college days. If you visit her website you'll notice my work in her logo. She is totally in the know about all things chic and she just launched her blog "Girl About Town" which is an awesome resource for local fasionistas. I can't believe I just used the word fashionista, but really, check her out! I'm going to be partnering with her more in the coming months so stay tuned!

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Some new work!

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NYFW... Some Favorites

You may have noticed that a recurring theme in this blog - how much I enjoy talking about how frumpy DC is and how predictable life among the frumps (as one of the frumps) can be. So, yes, I am goi...

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