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Article: flora and fauna

Inslee By Design

flora and fauna

Goodwednesday to you all, its time for more question and answer on new card ideas. I simply cannot make decisions for myself. So do you want to see a postcard like whats above, or a standard flat correspondence card like below? Or perhaps a vertically oriented postcard? Or perhaps this whole idea needs some tweaking. What do you think my leeetle guinea pigs?

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2011 Calendar

Happy February

Yipeeeee time to change your calendar again! Last year I started off February by telling everyone how I don't like the month in general. and I am here today to say... February, I'm sorry. I was ...

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So I pretty much indefinitely vetoed one piece swim wear around the same time I swore never to swim another lap on the dreaded swim team. And that was in the 3rd grade. Not only was the swim tea...

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