bachelorette bathing suit black and white chevron The Sketch Book

So I pretty much indefinitely vetoed one piece swim wear around the same time I swore never to swim another lap on the dreaded swim team. And that was in the 3rd grade. Not only was the swim team terrifying and confusing (I was disqualified every time for forgetting to touch the wall at the end.... just wait til you hear about my soccer experience) but the hideous one piece suits did nothing for my figure. lose lose situation. But... then the other day somewhere in my daily blog musings I saw a chevron. Not the gas station, but the shape/symbol/pattern... what is it exactly? It's beautiful. And so flattering when wrapped around ones middle section. And now I believe a suit of black and white chevroning is the only way I will ever consider re-entering the world of onesies. and then I got to playing around with some card ideas... for bachelorettes and some such nonesense... Do note the addition of the beach drink in option two. Extra silly. Well anyway, have a delightful weekend. Who else is going to stare blankly at the TV for five hours on Sunday with no idea what's going on? Here's to hoping the ads are good! These three illustrations are also available for purchase. And because I'm feeling generous... 3 for the price of 2!

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