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Inslee + Winifred + Christmas = Merry Marriage

BRIDES magazine cece dupraz christmas custom illustration inslee by design wedding winifred paper

Hello! Are you a bride? And are you wondering how it works if you want to work with me? Well, here is the whole process spelled out for you through the story of this lovely couple... Meet Kelly of Winifred Paper's and my imaginary friends Caroline and Andrew! They got engaged last year on a sustainable organic Christmas Tree farm on Christmas Eve, which happens to also be both their birthdays. So naturally, they wanted to have a Christmas Eve wedding. And because they devoted a year to volunteer in disaster relief areas in the third world they just now got around...

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inslee sketches at nautica

inslee by design live illustration nautica NYC

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inslee by design NYC sweetgreen

  Can we talk about Sweetgreen? And the stylish lettuce mafia that bursts forth each day to wait in the chicest line in town for an order of Guacamole Greens?  I can mark the phases of my life like rings on a tree, or in this case, like fork marks on the bottom of a plastic-made-from-corn salad bowl, by my visits to Sweetgreen.  It has been a landmark in my existence since it's arrival in '07, arguably the year the world (or at least my friends) came back from studying abroad and discovered lettuce. I call this the years of salad-awakening. I...

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march calendar girls - worlds collide

2015 calendar daphne inslee by design march calendar girl

  Ok, it's time to set the record straight. Because I know you're all tied up in knots trying to figure out what I'm doing with the whole Daphne thing. Is she real? Is she not real? Do I have multiple personality disorder? Should you be worried? Relax, I'll explain everything.  You could say Daphne, or The Other Girl, has always been a part of my imagination. Starting when I was a very little girl I often blamed "The Other Girl" for my wrong doings to get out of trouble. My supportive mother did not get me screened for Schizophrenia but...

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Huffington Post Style Blog + Inslee

huffington post inslee by design little black dress

Visit Huffington Post Style today to see my illustrations take you from the boardroom to the ballroom in one simple Little Black Dress! 

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