The Sketch Book — Audrey Hepburn


Audrey Hepburn Erika Bearman Inslee Inslee By Design New York Oscar de la Renta OscarPRGirl The Sketch Book

Erika Bearman of OscarPRGirl, inspired by the style of her iconic instagram outfit posts let me tell you a little story... This past Tuesday evening, under the deepest oaths of secrecy, the communications team at Oscar de la Renta contacted me to request a birthday sketch of their fearless leader Erika Bearman, who you may know as OscarPRGirl. They needed the artwork by Thursday, so we decided the safest (and most fun) way to get the gift to the birthday girl was for me to stop by the Oscar offices to deliver personally since I was up in New York...

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well look who it is

Audrey Hepburn The Sketch Book

a little mid afternoon dose of cliche for you all.

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1960's Elegance

1960 Audrey Hepburn Jean Shirmpton Julie Christie Mary Tyler Moore The Sketch Book Twiggy

So a new commission has led me on an immersion tour of the glamor and grace of 1960's style. I am now thoroughly depressed that I missed this decade and that today I had no reason to wear fake eyelashes. Before I started drawing, I decided to check in with the experts - my mother and her friends to tell me what it was really to be young and fashionable in the 1960s. Seventy five emails later, I was armed with so much new information about the '60s look that my head was spinning. I had never really focused on...

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