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January '14

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  Welcome to the first month of the 2014 Calendar! So sporty and confident, just like me when I go skiing...It's true, I'm an amazing skier. I never complain that everyone else is going too fast, or that I'm cold! I never even complain that "I am not going down that one, absolutely not, no no no!" while standing at the top looking down a run and I certainly never tell anyone repeatedly that my fingers and toes are numb. Truly, I am a joy to ski with...You probably detected a hint of sarcasm there.Ok, I admit it, I'm no Lindsey...

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Happy New Year 2013

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 Happy New Years Eve. It's almost 2013! Time to release the new calendar girls!January has a certain confidence in her stride, doesn't she? Ready to tackle a blank slate full of possibilities. I hope to channel this sketch's energy as I prepare for the clock to hit 12.Right now I'm feeling overwhelmed and a little bit more like a sketch that has just run a marathon and is standing, hands on knees, trying to catch my breath... not that I've ever sketched anyone like that... my girls are always poised.2012 was a year for the record books for me and...

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