The Sketch Book — Lela Rose

Daphne in Runway Look 33 at Polo Bar

daphne Lela Rose NYFW

Daphne, that saucy minx is at it again. She somehow showed up at the Polo Bar last night in Lela Rose Runway look 33. Hot off the runway, the same day as the show, how did she get her hands on it? Not even Moda Operandi can pre-O' a look that fast! Was it stolen, borrowed, gifted? She sashayed through the room, metallic tweet and lilac feathers floating on air, stopped at the bar for a gin martini and disappeared into the night. Oh the mysteries!   

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#FashionEDU Inslee By Design Lela Rose Michelle Obama The White House

What? What's that you said? I can't hear you over how famous I am.  Yes, that's right. Me and Michelle Obama are best friends. And our other best friend is Lela Rose. Michelle has this huge house that she doesn't have time to decorate all by herself. I don't know if you've seen it. It's white. Very big. Anyway. So she's in a group g-chat with me and Lela and she's like  "ugh guys I have no idea what to do with this corner of this room it's totally bare" and Lela's like,  "LOL you are such a mess....

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Lela Rose Fall 2014

fall 2014 Fashion Show Fashion Week Inslee By Design lela fall 2014 Lela Rose Lincoln Center News and Events NYFW The Sketch Book

 Yesterday morning was the happiest of mornings. I woke up still reeling from a magical Saturday night with friends and family celebrating our engagement and somehow got my swollen feet back into my heels and headed up town for the Lela Rose fashion show. Nothing kicks the usually unavoidable Sunday fatigue like Lincoln Center during fashion week, waiting in the darkened salon in a sea of floating iPhone screens for the lights to suddenly burst to life with a surge of awesome music and beautiful fashion floating past.I have come through an arc of feelings about fashion week - intimidation...

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Lela Rose - The Final Look

Inslee Instagram Lela Rose NYFW SS2013 The Sketch Book

 Can I just start by saying, if you are in NYC right now why are you reading blogs? Close your computer and go outside and soak up the official most beautiful day in history.If you are somewhere else, read on.So, its NYFW again. Fall fashion week, such an inspiring time. This is my second year of living in the city during this annual September event, thus I am an expert. And my expert opinion is that this year is the year of the instagram.Last fall I was still pecking away on my Blackberry and didn't have access to picture sharing apps......

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being there

Fashion Week Inslee By Design Lela Rose Lincoln Center NYFW September 11th The Sketch Book

Spending Sunday in this wonderful city was truly something to experience. the mood to me was a mix of melancholy, peace, strength and of course always creativity. i love that DVF took to the runway with her little American flags and that fashion shows "must go on" despite this anniversary. that is what makes New York. and to add to the emotional mixing pot, i got to attend my first fashion show at Lincoln Center, Lela Rose, on Sunday. Such an exciting day. The day when my internet world of fashion (hmm... I sound a little creepy) became the real...

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