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Spring Wedding Season at Urban Chic Boutique

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Happy First Day of Spring! I am celebrating by wearing a ski coat and earmuffs. Still feels like winter in New York.But enough of reality, let's focus on blogland where it's time to wear a white lace dress and walk around with a champagne flute while planning your June wedding like this illustration here. I created her for Urban Chic Boutique's Third Annual "Urban Chic Says I Do" event. The event will take place March 29th and 30th at their Georgetown shop. The Boutique is turning itself into a mini wonderland of bridal delights for the weekend  featuring their favorite...

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christmas in washington

Christmas christmas card Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes O'Reagan Family The Sketch Book washington watercolor

 Hello! Here is an illustration of the ever so handsome O'Reagan family, designed for their Christmas card.Man in uniform, a beautiful wife and adorable puppies - how could I say no to this project? The picture they sent me of their cavalier king charles to work from actually showed her wearing a sweater and drinking a Starbucks iced coffee.I mean... I almost printed it out and framed it.Anyway, this is just one of the many holiday projects that have been keeping me busy this season. I am starting to feel like an Elf! I wonder how the elves find time...

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rainy day

fashion illustration rainy day The Sketch Book vogue washington

its thursday and its raining in washington and yes i have left the house today and so yes i do know that the above drawing is pretty unrealistic (although i do wish that coat existed) but anyway, this would be more like it... also, today was featuring a retrospective of fashion illustrations and theeeseee are my favorite ones: pretty huh? the bird lady is my very fave. i hope that it isnt an illustration of a lady wearing a chicken hat, but of a lady wearing an actual chicken.

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