The Sketch Book — summer

Escaping part 2

Atlantic-Pacific escape Inslee Inslee By Design summer The Sketch Book

Goodmorning! So, on Tuesday I posted about escaping to an imagined town on the Riviera in the hopes of escaping the cold and willing spring to come faster and guess what... the forecasted snow that we were supposed to wake up to on Wednesday in NYC didn't come!IT WORKED. I am an illustration voodoo meteorologist mastermind. Let's test my powers further...Today, inspired by Atlantic Pacific I invite you to join me and focus all your energy on moving the temperature up at least 10 degrees. My goal is to control (with my mind) the north east weather patterns to not drop below...

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July 2013

2013 calendar bikini calendar girl Inslee By Design Inslee Calendar july summer The Sketch Book

I can't believe it's calendar changing day yet again. I barely had a chance to get to know June! This summer is flying by. July is here, rocking one of my favorite combinations - sweaters and bikinis. So illogical to pair these two together, and yet so chic.

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summer of superga

fashion illustration Inslee Inslee By Design summer superga The Sketch Book voluminous hair

Things I love right now - voluminous hair in the form of extremely high buns, retro swimwear and supergas. I am hearby declaring this the summer of these three things. But mostly the summer of superga. Have you tried these shoes? They are blowing my mind. Wearing lace-up shoes is really increasing my walking speed/versatility. And luckily, the higher my bun, the less height I am forfeiting by not wearing heels. win-win!

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dolls Inslee lemonade sketching summer The Sketch Book

Just some dolls I was sketching the other day. I kind of like how they don't feel perfectly finished.Also, on an unrelated topic, today is the last day of summer. I  can't believe how fast it slipped by. I don't know about you but I will be making the most of this day by drinking as much lemonade as I can get my hands on. Get out there and make it count!Happy weekend!ps. buy a print

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flowers hydrangeas Inslee summer The Sketch Book watercolor

My favorite summer flower. Which is yours? I got carried away playing with hydrangeas yesterday afternoon, I think I want to quit my job and start making wallpaper... Hmm... maybe someday. But for now, I can give you a print!

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