The Sketch Book — New York City


Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes New York City NYC thanksgiving The Sketch Book

 It’s still almost Thanksgiving and i’m still feeling thankful.Only now I am also feeling a little bit frazzled too because the holiday is so close that I can almost taste it.Today I was ready to stop doing work at approximately 9:04 am. Not a good sign for how tomorrow is going to go. Or the first half of next week.Just think how checked out i’ll be by Christmas!Anyway, today I’m thankful for New York City.I know there is no shortage of love letters written to this city, but that isn’t going to stop me from also writing my own...This place...

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outerwear obsession

Atlantic-Pacific blair eadie Inslee By Design New York City outerwear The Sketch Book winter

preparing for the great north winter has become a full time obsession for me (although perhaps unwarranted as it is sixty eight degrees today in new york city). but global warming aside, i am still going full speed ahead in search of exciting new ways to sport outerwear. i spent the last week obsessing about vests. this week i have moved on to protective foot/leg gear. i am in love with the tights + OTK socks + boots combo i saw Blair wearing on Atlantic Pacific. i must go find these socks asap. i'm thinking maybe urban outfitters carries ironically...

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Hamptons Inslee July 4th New York City The Sketch Book

so... I don't really have a back story on this sketch. But these bookends would look perfect strutting around the Hamptons, don't you think? Arriving in New York on Monday, July 4th meant every single person I ran into was talking about how much fun their weekend in the Hamptons was. I am intrigued. I must explore this mythical place! Man... look at me, I've been in new york for less than a week and I am already trying to figure out the fastest way to the beach! But really, it is TOO HOT here. And now that I am...

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theres no place like...

Cherbourg Skirt Dorothy East Village Emerald City Fabricly illustration Inslee By Design New York New York City News and Events the man repeller The Wizard of OZ

NEW YORK, NEW YORK! Above is a modern-day Dorothy, fresh out of a tornado, wearing the Cherbourg Skirt from Fabricly and her signature combo - red heels and ankle socks (don't bother with the link actually, its sold out because The Man Repeller tweeted about it) It is actually now just occurring to me that Dorothy may have been one of the original Man Repellers with those socks in her Ruby Red Slippers... how perfect So anyway, interestingly enough, this illustration came out looking just like me. I am always surprised when I "meet" the girls as they come to...

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Fashion Illustrator's Night Out

Coach Fashion illustrator Fashion's Night Out Katie Rogers New York City PAPERFASHION The Sketch Book

So I'm sure you've already heard plenty about Fashion's Night Out by now, but I thought this was too cool not to mention. Better late than never right? Flash back many many summers to when I was 14...I packed up my bags and headed off to summer arts camp to study ballet. I became fast friends with my bunk mate, Katie Rogers who was there to play the cello. Little did we know that ten years later we'd both be fashion illustrators! Today Katie is the wonderful artist behind the PAPERFASHION blog. Katie spent last Friday night as a visiting...

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