The Sketch Book — snow

great escape

Dear Stella escape Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes nemo NYC snow The Sketch Book vespa

 So, they've named a blizzard, "nemo"... Can we just stop and talk about that for a second. Nemo? Like the fish?I give up. Weather people, you win, you are the funniest.Despite the funny name, this storm is actually kind of a mess. It is snowing up and down and sideways all at once. I am preparing to suit up in my extreme weather gear and trek back from the studio to my apartment to wring my hands about how much this reminds me of hurricane sandy and experience a confusing cocktail of emotions - first surging elation and then crippling terror.Right now...

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loosen up/good old days

august calendar Inslee By Design inslee stationery snow The Sketch Book

yes, i know, its another beach-lounging lady with a book two days in a row. #whitegirlproblems i just found this one in a digging-through-old-stuff session. this was from august of '07. i like how free and messy it is. i'm afraid my drawings are getting too meticulous. im considering drawing a few sketches with my foot to loosen things up. and sometimes you need a little beach daydreaming on these dreary January days. is it just me or is january getting longer each year? its frigid out today and trying to snow despite apparent meterologic constipation. the one or two...

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first snow

dior Inslee By Design mokuba ribbon snow The Sketch Book

it happened it happened! it snowed!!! for 20 whole minutes!! i was flipping through a pretty snow flurry filled spread in W (that was inspired by chronicles of narnia - l,w & w!!) when it started to snow and thought it was only fitting to paint one of the looks. this heroin/suicide chic model in her dior embroiderd silk tulle dress and mokuba ribbon clad-goose were my favorite. i always think birds of a feather are the perfect accessory for extreme ball gowns. forget the little jeweled clutch, grab your chicken and your good to go. and besides, who doesn't...

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