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Article: first snow


first snow

it happened it happened! it snowed!!! for 20 whole minutes!! i was flipping through a pretty snow flurry filled spread in W (that was inspired by chronicles of narnia - l,w & w!!) when it started to snow and thought it was only fitting to paint one of the looks. this heroin/suicide chic model in her dior embroiderd silk tulle dress and mokuba ribbon clad-goose were my favorite. i always think birds of a feather are the perfect accessory for extreme ball gowns. forget the little jeweled clutch, grab your chicken and your good to go. and besides, who doesn't love a little haute coutre and poultry on a wintery friday afternoon?? on that note...

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domestic bliss

hello good monday to you all. sorry for my dwindling posts lately, its been a week. i moved into a new house! if you haven't done that lately and don't recall just how hectic that is, trust me it c...

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Inslee By Design

don't forget to write

hello. i am here to scold you. you see, on christmas, as in every day of our modern lives, there is much emphasis on giving and getting but very little focus on the ritual of thanks and reflectio...

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