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Article: domestic bliss


domestic bliss

hello good monday to you all. sorry for my dwindling posts lately, its been a week. i moved into a new house! if you haven't done that lately and don't recall just how hectic that is, trust me it causes you to say things like "im so frazzled" and "its been a week". did i mention it was torrentially raining when i moved? yes. it was. so for the last few days i kind of went off the deep end of moving mania. my brain has been swimming with thoughts of new lamp shades and throw pillows and how i wish we had sconces in our dining room. i became utterly consumed by trying to find a set of botanical prints pre framed. i had anxiety dreams about furniture arranging. i have been contemplating shower curtains and generally just not thinking about fashion or illustration. but now i have come back down to earth from my addiction to musings on home decorating. back to the drawing board. time to spread the tidings of the joys of marriage and motherhood. mom, relax not about me. here are some commission sketches i'm working on. i wont say for who just yet since i suppose i should respect client/artist confidentiality and all but i thought you all might enjoy seeing how domestic i am:

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Happy December

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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first snow

it happened it happened! it snowed!!! for 20 whole minutes!! i was flipping through a pretty snow flurry filled spread in W (that was inspired by chronicles of narnia - l,w & w!!) when it sta...

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