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home for the holidays

Christmas christmas card commission Inslee By Design The Sketch Book

Here's a merry doorway I painted for a Christmas Card design.This is for a lovely couple who happen to be good friends of mine. Every time we ran into each other at weddings this fall, we would brainstorm about what I should paint for their card. Partridges in a pear tree? Pheasants in a snowy wood? There was a lot of discussion of birds...Ultimately though, when it was time to sit down and paint, I thought of their charming, beautifully decorated Charlottesville home and how festive it could look decked out for a rustic, snowy Christmas.Of course, my artwork couldn't...

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Family Tradition

christmas card dachshunds eloise and jemima family card Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes The Sketch Book

Every year I create a new illustration for my family's Christmas card. It is a tradition we've kept up now for about twenty years. Here is this year's design, featuring our beloved dachshunds, Eloise and Jemima.I thought I'd feature this today because Eloise needs some good press right now. Over the past eight years, Eloise has developed a wicked sweet tooth. She has managed to consume various deserts, always in epic quantities, always leading to family emergency code red panics. And today was no different.Today she undid the wrapping paper, opened the packaging and consumed the entire contents of a...

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christmas in washington

Christmas christmas card Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes O'Reagan Family The Sketch Book washington watercolor

 Hello! Here is an illustration of the ever so handsome O'Reagan family, designed for their Christmas card.Man in uniform, a beautiful wife and adorable puppies - how could I say no to this project? The picture they sent me of their cavalier king charles to work from actually showed her wearing a sweater and drinking a Starbucks iced coffee.I mean... I almost printed it out and framed it.Anyway, this is just one of the many holiday projects that have been keeping me busy this season. I am starting to feel like an Elf! I wonder how the elves find time...

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