The Sketch Book — NSS

NSS 2012

Inslee Inslee By Design National Stationery Show News and Events NSS

hello! here is a picture of final product - national stationery show booth 2169. this is where I've spent the week, meeting and greeting and getting inspired by all the amazing talent on display around me. thanks to everyone who came by to see me! i'll be back soon with new illustrations to share with you all!

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bite sized calendar

2013 Calendar design darling Inslee Inslee By Design News and Events NSS NYC petite calendar stationery stationery show

I am doing double back flip handsprings of excitement over this new product - the petite calendar (well, I'm doing them in my imagination, actual back flips would definitely be a bad idea) This is a prototype using the 2012 calendar design, so this particular one isn't for sale. BUT... it's a little taste of what next year's petite calendar will look like. Its 4x5" and it fits in its own little case/stand. Isn't it sweet? I took it on a photoshoot field trip around the house. Here it is posing in my mother's library. Of course she has a...

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back to work

DC fashion illustration Inslee By Design NSS NYC The Sketch Book

Here's a little person for your viewing pleasure today. I made her up, there's no real story here. Just wanted to sketch something! I'm back in DC and preparing to address the many new exciting projects that are awaiting my attention. Feeling a little overwhelmed. But most of all, feeling so glad to have had such a fun, productive week in NYC. Thank you to everyone who helped to make Inslee By Design's debut at the NSS a huge success! I'm already excitedly imagining what next year could be like and looking forward to seeing new NSS friends again! I'll...

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Stationery Show: The Arrival

DIY Inslee By Design Javits Center National Stationery Show News and Events NSS

Hi from NYC! Yesterday was wildly productive for NSS prepping. Here is our before picture (check out my mom's buff yoga arms) and about an hour - I'm serious ONE hour - later this was the "after" scene. Are we efficient or what!? be amazed. if you think this was easy to construct... it wasn't. Look how thrilled I am with my DIY project and my new official NSS badge necklace... look at that face. So full of hope and pride. Who wouldn't buy cards from me? Ok guys, today is the final set up day! I hope we finish...

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