The Sketch Book — NYFW

twitter #fashionflock at NYFW

fashionflock inslee nyfw twitter

Hello! This is me, Inslee, artfully holding a paintbrush between my teeth while this inked up photographer takes my picture in the tropical jungle that was last Wednesday night at Twitter & IMG's New York Fashion Week party.  The party took place at Gallow Green, a lushly overgrown rooftop garden in Chelsea on top of the chicly creepy McKittrick Hotel. There were vines creeping everywhere. The vibe at Gallow Green strikes somewhere between shipwreck, overgrown ancient city ruins, haunted house and hip brunch scene. It's a mood, let me tell you. There was an extravagant 90% humidity in the air that night...

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September is here!

2015 Calendar bill cunningham inslee nyc nyfw september

Do you remember the 21st night of September.... Rejoice! We have shifted through time to the best song-month of the year! Gone are the sandy, sun bleached idol hours of August set to the rhythm of a lapping tide. Here comes the crisp, espresso and Earth Wind and Fire fuled toe-tapping enthusiasm of this perkiest of months. It's time for newness and fashion shows!  This month's Calendar Girl is caught in a whirlwind moment between NYFW shows. One of those moments when everything is just on point and the paparazzi are loving it. Even Bill Cunningham slammed on his brakes to capture...

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Daphne in Runway Look 33 at Polo Bar

daphne Lela Rose NYFW

Daphne, that saucy minx is at it again. She somehow showed up at the Polo Bar last night in Lela Rose Runway look 33. Hot off the runway, the same day as the show, how did she get her hands on it? Not even Moda Operandi can pre-O' a look that fast! Was it stolen, borrowed, gifted? She sashayed through the room, metallic tweet and lilac feathers floating on air, stopped at the bar for a gin martini and disappeared into the night. Oh the mysteries!   

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daphne in turks & caicos

daphne New York NYFW

If you follow my adventure on instagram, then you know I had an absolute field day posting pictures with reckless abandon of my trip to Turks and Caicos in January, and just seeing how jealous I could make everyone back home.  My studio mates and I packed up and headed out to the sunny shores of T&C for a long weekend to reflect upon and strategize how to grow our brands. Or, in other words, spend a lot of time lounging at a swim-up bar in the ocean-front infinity pool taste testing the subtle differences between a mojito and a pina colada.  While...

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kate spade fall 2015

Kate Spade New York NYFW

 Today I had the pleasure of escaping the studio to see the Kate Spade Fall 2015 Preview. Kate Spade knows the importance of beautiful clothing and accessories they design, but equally significant - they know the importance of creating a beautiful environment. Every season I've had the chance to see their new collection, I'm always struck by how transportive their "set design" is, how whatever mood they're hoping to create is perfectly captured in the abundance of celebrated details. They are staging geniuses, I tell you. This season is all about ***hold up, don't you just love sentences that start...

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