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January '14

2014 Calendar Inslee Calendar january The Sketch Book

  Welcome to the first month of the 2014 Calendar! So sporty and confident, just like me when I go skiing...It's true, I'm an amazing skier. I never complain that everyone else is going too fast, or that I'm cold! I never even complain that "I am not going down that one, absolutely not, no no no!" while standing at the top looking down a run and I certainly never tell anyone repeatedly that my fingers and toes are numb. Truly, I am a joy to ski with...You probably detected a hint of sarcasm there.Ok, I admit it, I'm no Lindsey...

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2014 Calendar is here!

2014 calendar Calendar Inslee By Design Inslee Calendar News and Events

 Here she is! The 2014 Calendar! Just chillin on my Society Social Bar CartCan't wait for you all to see each month! I had so much fun creating this edition of my calendar. I put a lot of thought into each illustration, trying to capture the feeling that each month holds, infused with the memories and experience... The saturated stillness of July heat, the frenzy of a new September, the romance of a February night, the perky energy of April... I could go on.I will look forward to sharing my inspiration for each image with you as we move through the year....

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Croissant love month

2013 Calendar February Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes The Sketch Book

Happy February! Or as it will now be known, croissant love month. Why not?I really don't know how this image ties into anything that has to do with winter or the month of February. I guess she's wearing red for Valentine's day. But regardless of her seasonal relevance, I really like her and her croissants.Which is rare.Usually I hate the illustrations I create after I finish them. I'm such a tortured artist. But I actually like her! And am pretty excited about this month!Get out there and start the weekend right, go wild with pain au chocolat  

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bite sized calendar

2013 Calendar design darling Inslee Inslee By Design News and Events NSS NYC petite calendar stationery stationery show

I am doing double back flip handsprings of excitement over this new product - the petite calendar (well, I'm doing them in my imagination, actual back flips would definitely be a bad idea) This is a prototype using the 2012 calendar design, so this particular one isn't for sale. BUT... it's a little taste of what next year's petite calendar will look like. Its 4x5" and it fits in its own little case/stand. Isn't it sweet? I took it on a photoshoot field trip around the house. Here it is posing in my mother's library. Of course she has a...

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Happy January

2012 Calendar fashion illustration Inslee By Design News and Events Oscar Oscar de la Renta OscarPRGirl

2012 is here! Time to crack open the calendar! I wanted to start the new year with a toast to the designer that taught me so much about the magic of a New York fashion house. So the first illustration of the 2012 calendar is inspired by an early posting on OscarPRGirl's beautiful tumblr.

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