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California trumps blogging and makes me question my identity

bottlerock California Inslee Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes napa napa bottle rock music festival opus one San Francisco The Sketch Book travel wine

Wow, sorry to have left you hanging all week on that Mother's Day sketch. How boring! On some level, I truly believe that updating this blog is a vital ingredient in keeping the progress of the universe on track. So sorry for dropping the ball that is Earth.Where was I while you were forlornly refreshing my blog only to find the same sketch day after day? I imagine you all sit in front of your computers with just enough food to survive, waiting for new artwork...Well, I was in Napa, having a ball drinking fancy wine and going to hip concerts...

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Alexander McQueen Birthday California Inslee By Design San Francisco The Sketch Book

Happy Birthday to Lily and Brooke! Lily (above) is simultaneously an avid video gamer and a connoisseur of fine wines.  Don't I have fascinating  friends? She is wearing a dress I made up, inspired by her fabulous taste in feminine silhouettes that usually feature a tiny waist and gorgeous full skirt. She really does have fabulous taste, she's Italian after all. And here is Brooke! She's wearing my very loose interpretation of an Alexander McQueen maxi dress with a belt and large geod ring - a staple of Brooke's jewelry collection. She's a California hipster living the dream in San...

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Atlantic Pacific 123

Atlantic-Pacific DC Inslee By Design San Francisco The Sketch Book

Hello! Happy Thursday. It is an amazingly beautiful spring day in DC. Made all the more beautiful by the fact that yesterday was disgustingly ugly. DC weather is a cruel mistress. Which brings me to my point (yes I'm going somewhere fashion illustration related!!) Yesterday I discovered Atlantic-Pacific which is my new favorite blog. It appears to be based in San Fran which could explain why this girl has springtime dressing down to a science - the weather in San Fran is just so awesome. I like to think if I lived somewhere with such an agreeable climate I'd be...

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