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Article: California trumps blogging and makes me question my identity


California trumps blogging and makes me question my identity

Wow, sorry to have left you hanging all week on that Mother's Day sketch. How boring! On some level, I truly believe that updating this blog is a vital ingredient in keeping the progress of the universe on track. So sorry for dropping the ball that is Earth.

Where was I while you were forlornly refreshing my blog only to find the same sketch day after day? I imagine you all sit in front of your computers with just enough food to survive, waiting for new artwork...

Well, I was in Napa, having a ball drinking fancy wine and going to hip concerts at the BottleRock Music Festival.

The picture on the left was taken in my brother's beautiful rose garden in Belvedere, just across the bridge from San Fran and the one on the right was taken in Napa while I was casually trespassing on the Opus One property for a morning jog through the vines.

Every time I go to California I am overwhelmed with the urge to be someone I'm not. The people there have this enviably glow of calm, relaxed energy that pairs perfectly with performance outerwear and/or flowy, breezy outfits that don't seem to require bras.

And seeing this fuels a desire to recreate myself, as west coast inslee 2.0. Not to mention, every time I arrive in San Francisco I am completely ill prepared for the weather.

This trip was no different, the first thing I did was go straight to a store and get a sweater and shoes that could handle the sudden steep vertical inclines that occasionally make walking to a coffee shop into a mountaineering event.

And then we arrived in Napa at a music festival... cue the hippies with their bra-less tops and interesting hats. So confusing for little old me and all my J.Crew clothes! And this wasn't even a hard-core music festival that people Instagram to make east coasters feel left out of... I would probably have a complete fit if I went to coachella and steal some flower child's muumuu to try to fit in.

But identity crisis aside, I had a wonderful break from reality for a few days and have returned feeling ready to channel some California positive energy (and maybe braless-ness?) into the coming summer.



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