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Dior Addict Collaboration

2016 Dior Addict Fashion Illustration Margo and Me Sincerely Jules Song of Style

Julie Sarinana of Sincerely Jules  Jenny Bernheim of Margo & Me Aimee Song of Song of Style  Kristen Noel Crawley of KDIA Jewelry  Negin Mirsalehi of Negin Mirsalehi Paola Alberdi of Blank Itinerary 

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daphne: street style in soho

daphne fashion illustration Inslee By Design NYC

  boots: Joie  |  scarf: Vince   Hello! It is a blustery Fall Friday here in Manhattan. I've had a busy week full of launching my newest and most magnificent product to date, the 2015 Art Calendar and live illustrating guests at the Piperlime Spring Preview.  I decided such a productive and exciting week warranted a $20 salad of gluten free, organic, free roaming chicken, home-schooled beets and arugula grown by school children in their collaborative garden on the roof of their upper-east side private girls school.  My favorite place to get such a salad is Cafe Gitane. They only take...

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Hayden Lasher + inslee

fashion illustration hayden lasher inslee by design

Meet Hayden Lasher!  Hayden is a new and exciting handbag designer on the scene in NYC. She's as sweet and kind as she is fashionable. Her signature grace comes through in her Belgian Bag, a retro-inspired handbag that speaks to me of ladies who dressed up to travel and changed before dinner and all of those other nostalgic things belonging to a bygone era of sophistication.  Hayden and I met while we were both fighting the good fight at a prestigious NYC fashion house, her in the shoe department, frenziedly trying to do three jobs at once and me uppercutting...

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wedding shoes

fashion illustration Inslee Inslee By Design louboutin The Sketch Book wedding shoes

introducing the SS 2014 Inslee 85mm collection. sold exclusively NO. WHERE. I am at my wits end.If you were to track my browser history over the last month it would be a constant shifting cycle between evening wear and pumps on shop bop, barneys, saks, neimans, bergdorfs and the occasional visit to seamless web so that i don't expire while hunting for wedding shoes.This is the hardest part of wedding planning yet! The shoes!!!!!! Oh the shoes. I have a very rigid set of requirements that most brides do not adhere to, so I recognized that I have made this...

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beyonce fashion illustration Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes The Sketch Book

So. I don't know about you, but personally, I don't love all the bey-shaming that's going on on Pinterest these days. At first I laughed when I saw that pin and thought nothing of it. But when my yoga teacher told us to meditate on it for a full 75 minute class, I realized I'd had enough. "You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce" was probably meant to be inspiring. But, as someone who can't manage to get through a single to-do list ever, much less run a music empire, that statement is kind of defeating. I...

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