The Sketch Book — thanksgiving

Have a Simply Luxurious Thanksgiving Week

cavalier Inslee By Design simply luxurious life thanksgiving The Sketch Book

 I know. You're freaking out. I am too.There's copper pots AND a cavalier AND blue gingham AND wine AND she looks just like you!!!!This was just one of those sketches that I knew - before the paint had dried - that I was going to love. It has only happened about ten times in my life. I usually find a reason to pick apart everything I paint, but I really like this one!Shannon Ables of Simply Luxurious Life commissioned this lovely piece as well as  this, and this and this. She has such good taste, right?Hope you are preparing your favorite old recipes and stretchiest pants...

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setting the table

Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes leontine linens silver thanksgiving The Sketch Book

Table is set, tomorrow we feast! If you listen closely you can almost hear the silver clinking together in linen closets across the country tonight as everyone prepares.This is an illustration I created for Leontine Linens, one of my very favorite destinations for admiring monogrammed loveliness. A table set with Leontine would be indeed something to be thankful for.Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow to you and yours! 

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girl's best friend

dogs eloise Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes jemima thanksgiving The Sketch Book

Guess what today is? It's time to go home for Thanksgiving day! And do you know what I'm thankful for right now?Dogs. All dogs everywhere.And specifically, the two little bundles of joy (or as most people who aren't my family know them, the demons of terror) that will be waiting for me at the train station... my family's dachshunds, Eloise and Jemima.Going home is special for so many different reasons for everyone. And for me, my favorite moment of every trip back is letting them attack me with their body-flailing tail wags and unrestrained, ear piercing squeals of happiness to see...

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Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes New York City NYC thanksgiving The Sketch Book

 It’s still almost Thanksgiving and i’m still feeling thankful.Only now I am also feeling a little bit frazzled too because the holiday is so close that I can almost taste it.Today I was ready to stop doing work at approximately 9:04 am. Not a good sign for how tomorrow is going to go. Or the first half of next week.Just think how checked out i’ll be by Christmas!Anyway, today I’m thankful for New York City.I know there is no shortage of love letters written to this city, but that isn’t going to stop me from also writing my own...This place...

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an excuse to dress up

excuse to dressup grateful Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes thanksgiving The Sketch Book

 With thanksgiving a week away,  I thought I'd illustrate things I'm grateful for.Today, I'm grateful for the excuse to dress up. Life is made up of regular days, days when no one notices whether or not you managed to put on real pants (as in not lululemon) so a day that calls for extra sparkle is something to be cherished. I'm grateful to live a life filled with wonderful people to celebrate, giving me plenty of excuses to dress up. After all, friendships are the first ingredients in excuses to dress up.

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