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Article: gobble in style

place cards

gobble in style

so my grandmother, mame, is always the hostess with the mostest. she had the foresight to ask me to make her some thanksgiving place cards way ahead of time and i think they turned out pretty cute! if you email me soon, i'll have time to make your thanksgiving table cards fabulous too. I'll even write your guests' names on them if you really want me to...

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fashion illustration

friday frills

happy friday! this illustration was inspired by the stylings of Randi Brookman Harris. Her blog bottomless well of sketching ideas. have a lovely weekend, and if your feeling extra festive, buy a...

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shoe hunting

i have a bone to pick with the world of shoes. i have searched high and low (pun intended) and have come to a realization that there are really only two options when it comes to heel height - STI...

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