The Sketch Book — an impossible story

An Impossible Story, Epilogue... or is it just the beginning

an impossible story NYC

I’m just not ready to let go. I don’t think you are either.  let’s talk more about this.  Really though, the more i think about the impossible story the more i see it like a spider web that is woven through every aspect of my life. It’s events are still unfurling, going forward into today, into this very moment and back into the deep recesses of my history. Where does anyone’s story stop and start? life is a tapestry! Every story is connected!  I started Inslee By Design in 2006 and didn’t fully realize it until 2010. For real. I...

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An Impossible Story, Chapter 3

an impossible story Inslee By Design The Sketch Book

 I realize I owe you a story about my mother. But first, it is important that I introduce another character in this impossible story.The PackTite Unit...Morning came, and with it an exterminator named Dante who was toting something called the PackTite Unit.You see, in the midst of the FULL DUMP MODE hysteria the night before, I’d spoken briefly (screamed briefly) with the pest control company to schedule the next morning’s extermination appointment. The coordinator I’d talked to sensed my vulnerability toward making bad decisions and seized an opportunity to make a few bucks. (or 700)“And have you ordered your Packtite...

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