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Auld Lang Stye... that can't be right can it?

champagne illustration Inslee By Design new years eve The Sketch Book

Well. We made it. It's the last day of the year. It's time for champagne.I don't remember a New Year's Eve that wasn't cloudy and cold. I love that feeling, like the whole day is just a breath away from night time. It's always a little bit melancholy and a little bit expectant. The greenery is still up but the Christmas reds are replaced with gold and silver sparkle. Is there any thing prettier than greenery and gold and the strains of auld lang stye drifting around like lost snow flakes (is that even how you spell the name of...

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season of change

art illustration Inslee Inslee By Design lash weave portraiture The Sketch Book

 This morning I woke up feeling like I'd been set free. This may or may not be because I finally summoned the courage to quit my Equinox membership. Saving future child's college education fund in the process. But, more importantly, I felt free artistically. I've been feeling trapped and anxious about my career and my art for a few months now. Like I've lost touch with why I illustrate the way that I do. Commission work keeps flooding in, keeping me busy and focused on making progress, but blocking out my personal creativity almost entirely. This little voice in my head has...

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Eva Chen

Eva Chen illustration Inslee By Design Instagram Jouer Cosmetics Lucky Magazine News and Events

Say Happy Birthday (a day late) to Eva, the fabulous editor of Lucky MagazineI created this sketch in collaboration with Jouer Cosmetics as a gift for her. It was such fun for me to sketch someone I find inspiring and stylish. When the Jouer girls suggested that I illustrate her, I barely let them finish the sentence. Of course I wanted to illustrate her! Her instagrams are so good, her accessories are so good, her magazine is so good. What's not to love!?HBD, Eva, I hope it was... so good.

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the black swan anniversary

fashion illustration illustration Inslee Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes Oscar de la Renta The Sketch Book wedding

have I really never posted this sketch??? I painted this two years ago, how did I forget to share it!? It's a look from the Oscar de la Renta runway archives that are always strutting through my imagination.I thought it was kind of perfect to post seeing as it's a sultry black gown and exactly one year from today I'll be dressed in the opposite - my wedding gown. Yes, today is my negative one year anniversary! It is the black swan sister of the whitest day of my life.How should I celebrate this occasion? I'm taking suggestions... Champagne? skydiving? yoga...

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Chintz & Swagger

chintz & swagger colleen illustration Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes layla grayce News and Events NYC west village

Is there anything more idealized than the idea of strolling down the streets of the west village? The answer is no. Especially when that daydream is set to the tune of watercolor illustration.If I had a dollar for every girl I've met here who said "well I first knew I wanted to move to NYC when I visited and my friends took me to brunch in the west village"... I'd be rich.and if I had another dollar for every girl who said "and then I moved here and ended up in a fifth floor walk up on avenue B"...I'd be much...

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