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always room for one more

arm party bangles cartier fashion illustration Hermes Inslee By Design jewelry Man Repeller The Sketch Book

bangles, to know them is to love them. they're so outgoing, always ready to be stacked with new friends. totally willing to mix and match. do i sound a little creepy? but really, thank you to the man repeller. the arm party is one of the more relevant and life changing developments of this decade if you ask me. and the source of a hefty amount of my blog material. so i figured it was time to do an illustration of some of my favorite bangles du jour. of course cartier and hermes, the two heavy weights of the bangle...

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Sketch Book's first birthday

blogging camilla & marc carven Man Repeller missoni tavi the fashion magpie The Sketch Book

Guess what today is... its the one year anniversary of this blog! Can you believe it? I can't... it seems like just yesterday that this clueless blog virgin started out. I was so green, I didn't even know who Tavi was and I had no idea how to retweet. I couldn't have dreamed that the world of fashion blogging could be this connected and inspirational and full of wonderful people.  And here I am now, all Man Repelling and all. Not too shabby if i do say so. So... not to be like those women who say things like "starting...

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don't forget to write

Inslee By Design Man Repeller News and Events Proenza Schouler thank you notes

hello. i am here to scold you. you see, on christmas, as in every day of our modern lives, there is much emphasis on giving and getting but very little focus on the ritual of thanks and reflection. note writing is a dying trend. and i am here to revive it with my newest note card, "thank you, i love it" even if you are a devoted blackberry addict, you cannot deny that a thank you text is tacky. genuine thanks deserves some good card stock and a moment spent flexing your pen wielding skills in honor of the person...

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how do i look?

Inslee Man Repeller The Sketch Book

So... I just discovered the best blog ever: The Man Repeller It makes fun of all the things about fashion that gets taken oh-so-seriously and is refreshing and very very funny. I was crying laughing. The premise is that fashion's quest to become high art has completely derailed the whole concept of design as a way to make the body appealing (to the opposite sex in particular). In short - by wearing gladiator sandals and high waisted pants we are becoming repulsive to men. We are Man Repellers. So, in honor of my new favorite blogger, I have illustrated a...

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