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Article: always room for one more

arm party

always room for one more

bangles, to know them is to love them. they're so outgoing, always ready to be stacked with new friends. totally willing to mix and match. do i sound a little creepy? but really, thank you to the man repeller. the arm party is one of the more relevant and life changing developments of this decade if you ask me. and the source of a hefty amount of my blog material. so i figured it was time to do an illustration of some of my favorite bangles du jour. of course cartier and hermes, the two heavy weights of the bangle world, are included along with jcrew's new art deco designs and a few other loose interpretations of less name-brand designs i've seen and liked. i think this might just turn into note cards as well, what do you think? ps. buy a print!

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thank you

a new card design i'm working on... what do you think? i always dread working on thank you designs. they're so trite. but then again, its one of the last reasons for modern women to pick up pen ...

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Hello! Just a little snapshot of details to brighten this blustery Friday. I love how fashion photographers are zooming in on delicate real life moments of fashion feng shui so I figured I should...

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