Sketch Book's first birthday

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Guess what today is... its the one year anniversary of this blog! Can you believe it? I can't... it seems like just yesterday that this clueless blog virgin started out. I was so green, I didn't even know who Tavi was and I had no idea how to retweet. I couldn't have dreamed that the world of fashion blogging could be this connected and inspirational and full of wonderful people.  And here I am now, all Man Repelling and all. Not too shabby if i do say so. So... not to be like those women who say things like "starting a blog was the best thing I ever did for myself" but starting a blog was the best thing i ever did for myself!!! I love it. Here's to another great year of sketching! These two foxy ladies are inspired by the expert stylings of the fashion magpie. I have wanted to do an illustration from her blog for a while and finally got the chance to do this Carven dress and this Camilla & Marc structured mini dress which were two of my favorites of her picks. If your wondering why they're wearing weird hats - they could be the next big thing in man repelling head wear, Move over turband - they're supposed to be birthday party hats. a little corny, I know but its my blog birfday you can't say anything. And this gorgeous sac-de-frump by Missoni was also highlighted by the magpie. I love this piece because its the kind of dress you should definitely take advantage of wearing on your birthday because its the one day out of the year you are pretty much guaranteed that your boyfriend will tell you you look beautiful even if he thinks you look like your wearing a shroud. Anyway, happy birthday to me and to you dear readers! Thanks for sticking with me!

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