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Hello! Happy Friday! No I'm not scampering off to some place sunny and warm like this post title may suggest... but if I were I would want to be wearing this. Does annnyyyyyonneee know where this dress came from? Its in the January Vogue, I snapped a picture of it on the sly last night while waiting for my nails to dry (I had to be sneaky because Vickie, nail technician extraordinaire was watching me with hawk eyes to make sure I didnt touch my phone and ruin all her hard work) I knew I wanted to sketch it and had to remember it but I never looked to see who makes it. Its gorgeous. and the Prada shoes.... my birthday is march 11th... just something to think about Ok have a lovely weekend, wherever you may be! Buy a print! and ps. you may have noticed that most of my prints are no longer available - i hope you're not mad. i've made a feng shui/life simplifying decision to close the books on 2010 and all its prints. So if you have a 2010 print, you lucky duck, good for you you have a collectors item!

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