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Kale Sisters Kollaboration

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"What is this?" you say."Why is there a bag hanging on a sparkling unicorn?"Because today is a #kaleday which is a part of #kaleweek. Two made up things I created with my oldest, dearest friend Laura. And that bag is one of our new Kale Tote creations.Laura and I share a dark, bizarre sense of humor, 26 years of watching our mother's redecorate their kitchens over and over again and a beautiful love affair with cooking and eating.This strange cocktail of ingredients not only has created a wonderful friendship that has stood the test of time and two continents, but it...

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Lauren & Sandy

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Here is an illustration I just created for Lauren Snow Cosmetics. Isn't she darling? Be sure to visit her lovely new site! Lauren offers a wide range of makeup services, I think her destination wedding services sound like the most fun! Imagine getting to fly off to a tropical destination just to make the bride and her bridesmaids look beautiful... sounds like a dream job.Speaking of flying off to tropical destinations, that is something that no one New York will be doing today. Sandy has us on house arrest. She is bringing to light the basic fears of New Yorkers:...

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