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BFF's: Stuart Weitzman, Beyonce and me

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STOP THE PRESSES.I thought getting engaged was the best day of my life. But this might have just topped it. I am now officially connected to Beyonce by one degree of separation. Previously the connection was more like 6 million degrees. So this jump is pretty significant for me and Bey's friendship. Hey girllll!!!!!!!The Stuart Weitzman team commissioned me to create this illustration of their new designs. They eluded to the fact that they were for a celebrity collaboration but they didn't tell me which celeb would be wearing them. Don't worry, I forgive them. The surprise of finding this on...

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inslee + jacques levine + neimans

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Stop the presses, big news. Mother's Day is May 13th. And Inslee live-illustrating-at-Neimans Day is May 12th!!! Yes, it is true. For the first time, as a professional artiste, I will lift the veil of mystery and illustrate in public for all to see. On May 12th, I'll be at the DC Neiman Marcus helping Jacques Levine celebrate Mother's Day with a shopping/painting event! If you're in the DC area please come say hello, pick up the newest Jacques Levine styles, and let me sketch you. Doesn't that sound like the best Saturday ever? Say you'll come! To RSVP, email...

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oh hi, im just walking my peacock, fancy meeting you here. so i've thought about my plan to make a resolution about my driving skills and changed my mind. i think that while not wrecking my car is important, it also is not exactly the mantra to suit a very exciting or memorable year. i have taken a particular liking to this year already and it deserves more than perfect turn signal use. therefore, my resolution is two fold: dress up more often. no more waiting for the right occasion, life is the occasion. cute huh? 2. to figure...

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