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Bon Matin, Paris

Daphne NYC Paris

Have you been keeping up with @dressingdaphne's insta-jealousy inducing Paris antics? She just spent her birthday among the glittering French fashionites. New York may never sleep but Paris never ages, which is why Daphne always is sure to be in Paris each year on her birthday. She greets the day with reckless abandon, throwing open her shutters like Belle in Beauty and the Beast to shout Bonjour to all in sight.  Always a natural at making female friends, Daphne has conquered even the most resistant of all companionship challenges and has befriended three Parisian female standard poodles. The poodles is...

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have a simply luxurious weekend

france french Inslee By Design paris parisian shannon ables simply luxurious life The Sketch Book

 Don't you wish you were her? She's a new sketch for Shannon of The Simply Luxurious Life to help celebrate her new section on her blog about french-inspired living. Shannon has the best taste, her commission requests are always so chic and this one was no different. You should all visit her blog, beautiful images and a beautiful approach to a simple, luxurious life.Also - notice this new favorite pose for figures in this blog post and the one right before it. I call this pose the "I'm walking one direction but looking adorably slightly confused in another direction because a group of...

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madame carven

Fashion illustrator fiance illustration book Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes madame carven paris The Sketch Book vintage

 No, I didn't sketch that. Though how I wish I had! Isn't she lovely? My fiancé... will I ever get tired of saying that?? just returned from Paris with a vintage book of Madame Carven's 1950's era illustrations of her couture gowns for me. Do I know how to pick em or what?Neither of us knew anything about Carven, either as a brand or as a person. I'm guessing he grabbed it for me, blind, hoping I'd enjoy it. Turns out, I'm captivated by her story... a petite woman who was frustrated by the lack of clothing designed for women her size...

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paris, anyone?

2013 calendar fashion illustration Inslee By Design Inslee Calendar Inslee Haynes March paris The Sketch Book

Happy March calendar day! Between last month's girl and this month's girl I'm beginning to think I subliminally wish I lived in Paris. Then again, who doesn't wish that?

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mid day in paris

celine fashion illustration Inslee By Design paris The Sketch Book

A recent commission that I thought you all might like. This is painted from a snapshot taken in Paris. It was hard to work though my jealousy over the fact that they are in Paris AND carrying Celine but I somehow pulled it together long enough to paint. The girl carrying that enviable Celine bag, the glamorous Methayelle, has a lovely tumblr blog. You should follow!

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