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suitcase secrets

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 Meet Rachel of Suitcase Secrets! Rachel blogs about staying chic, no matter where her travels take her. I was so happy to meet Rachel and to sketch her blog header because I love a woman who respects the adventure of travel by dressing nicely. And I respect a woman who even wants to look chic in her blog header. As I always say, when you look good, it happens to make the adventure all the more fun... both on the road and on the web.Speaking of travel, there's been lots and lots of talk lately of where a honeymoon might take...

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California trumps blogging and makes me question my identity

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Wow, sorry to have left you hanging all week on that Mother's Day sketch. How boring! On some level, I truly believe that updating this blog is a vital ingredient in keeping the progress of the universe on track. So sorry for dropping the ball that is Earth.Where was I while you were forlornly refreshing my blog only to find the same sketch day after day? I imagine you all sit in front of your computers with just enough food to survive, waiting for new artwork...Well, I was in Napa, having a ball drinking fancy wine and going to hip concerts...

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headed home for the holidays

Christmas Inslee By Design The Sketch Book travel

Wouldn't this be a chic travel outfit to head home for the weekend? I'm off to take a train home for Christmas and I'm a little perplexed about how you all do this whole commuting home for the holidays thing. I've never had to travel at Christmas before and I have no idea how to do it. I'm going to be home for a whole week so I need to transport watercolor central along with me. My whole suitcase is full of presents, painting supplies and various apple products. Literally no room for clothes! I will just have to wear...

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Happy February

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Yipeeeee time to change your calendar again! Last year I started off February by telling everyone how I don't like the month in general. and I am here today to say... February, I'm sorry. I was being closed-minded and judgmental. You really aren't so bad. I mean, what is so bad about one last month of the depths of winter to make sure you got proper use out of your furry black hats and awesome heeled boots? And if it were all hot and sunny out, girlfriend above wouldn't have needed to travel with her entire fleet of suitcases. Any...

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