The Sketch Book — jewelry

Hyla Dewitt Illustrated

cate necklace hyla dewitt Inslee Inslee By Design jewelry necklace The Sketch Book

Say hello to Hyla! I'm sure many of you already know Hyla Dewitt Jewelry, but if you don't look her up! I am a big fan of her unique, oversized pieces. Her Cate Necklace is one of my favorite statement pieces.I wore the Cate to a wedding recently only to discover that I wasn't the only adoring HD jewelry fan at the party...What can I say, I guess great minds think alike! 

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Loren Hope illustrated

galaxy Inslee By Design jewelry loren hope News and Events stationery

If you follow me on instagram then you already know about my love affair with Loren Hope jewelry. Not only is she an inspiring fellow female entrepreneur and a wonderful friend, but her designs are my very favorite costume jewelry and my go-to pieces when I am dressing up.Loren asked me to sketch pieces from her newest collection and some of her iconic pieces too. Her new fall/winter collection is inspired by the beauty of the galaxy and all things celestial, with a very moving story behind this cosmic design asthetic honoring her loved ones. Read about it in her new lookbook!Loren and I are working...

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Kendra Scott

fall campaign fashion illustration Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes jewelry kendra scott News and Events

It's a beautiful day here in New York, the perfect kind of sunny but-not-hot day. I am just returning from a picnic lunch in Washington Square Park with my sketch book. Jazz musicians were casually playing the day away, children were running wild through the giant fountain and everyone seemed to be eating italian ice. Like I said, perfect kind of New York day.And to make things even better, here's an illustration I did for Kendra Scott. Yes, the Kendra Scott. Let's all freak out!Thank you, thank you, thank you to the KS team for this lovely feature! Be sure to visit Kendra's...

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emily maynard + towne & reese + inslee sketches

bachelorette emily Emily Maynard Inslee By Design jewelry News and Events Towne & Reese

Hello! Introducing my sketches for  Emily Maynard Jewelry! Emily, the former bachelorette star, has become a lifestyle and fashion presence since her TV fame and is now designing jewelry in partnership with Towne & Reese. Her website, featuring my illustrations and her fashion and beauty tips along with new jewelry collection launches today!  Be sure to visit her new site to see more of my illustrations and to see her lovely new collection.Congratulations, Emily!

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Melanie Auld Jewelry

Inslee By Design Inslee Haynes jewelry Melanie Auld Designs News and Events Spring Collection

Hello! Here's a bejeweled, feather-skirt-wearing lady for you on this merry Wednesday morning. She's wearing Melanie Auld's new spring Jewelry collection. And if you click through Melanie's site you just might see a few more of my girls sporting her designs...

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