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Article: Hayden Lasher + inslee

Hayden Lasher + inslee

Meet Hayden Lasher

Hayden is a new and exciting handbag designer on the scene in NYC. She's as sweet and kind as she is fashionable. Her signature grace comes through in her Belgian Bag, a retro-inspired handbag that speaks to me of ladies who dressed up to travel and changed before dinner and all of those other nostalgic things belonging to a bygone era of sophistication. 

Hayden and I met while we were both fighting the good fight at a prestigious NYC fashion house, her in the shoe department, frenziedly trying to do three jobs at once and me uppercutting my way through mean streets of the PR department as a twenty five year old intern. It was a strange time full of strange circumstances, but I am happy to have met such a lovely soul in the trenches of fashion warfare. And I'm even happier to know that she's now "doing her own thing" and doing it so beautifully. 

I was honored that she thought of me for a commission to help her celebrate her new brand. We strove to capture a quintessential New York City scene - a mysterious New Yorker stops to hail a cab in her matchstick stone-washed skinny jeans and electric red Belgian Bag and end up hailing a few admiring glances to boot. 

Visit Hayden's new site and follow her social media presence... She just had a very exciting debut on fashion police after Taylor Swift was spotted carrying the Belgian Bag!


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