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Article: mother's day


mother's day

Here's a sweet mother-daughter sketch for my monthly Layla Grayce blog post in honor of mother's day.

Although, she looks more like the babysitter, if we're going to be realistic/honest...

I'm starting the weekend a little early, heading out to San Francisco for a quick family visit and some wine tasting while we're at it. I'm so excited for a chance to see my flowergirl-nieces while I'm there! So, signing off and Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there who read this blog and support me each and every day. Especially to @thenancybennett, my beautiful mother who never ceases to amaze me and who is also celebrating her wedding anniversary today!

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fashion illustration

gatsby fever

Gatsby fever is at an all time high with the movie set to come out this week. Not that you need me to tell you that. It's everywhere - from runways to the today show segments to every blog ever cre...

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California trumps blogging and makes me question my identity

Wow, sorry to have left you hanging all week on that Mother's Day sketch. How boring! On some level, I truly believe that updating this blog is a vital ingredient in keeping the progress of the uni...

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