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Article: nyfw - being there


nyfw - being there

Hello! I wanted to share some very quick sketches from the three fashion week events I attended this NYFW. It was a busy week and I didn't have time to do official paintings like I usually do. So I just did quick sketches when I got home from each event. The first is from Sophie Theallet. Her collection was - somewhat disturbingly - inspired by the women of Grey Gardens. But it was beautifully modern in design, each piece was strikingly flattering and the pallet was deliciously fall-like. Oh and I want to send a big thank you to IFB and Taylor for hooking me up with a pass to this show! I also visited the kate spade event, as I already gushed about. Couldn't resist doing another sketch, it was all so lovely. And I had the best time at the presentation. Some shows inspire a strict environment of "i'm so bored, anna wintour is in my way" but not kate spade. It was a party through and through -  ks has a wonderful joie de vivre that some more formal design houses have lost touch with. The atmosphere was energetic, welcoming and a perfect celebration for their new collection. And finally, Misha Nonoo. I had never really heard of this designer before but I really liked what I saw, and heard, and smelled. It was a really beautifully choreographed presentation, they had lovingly crafted all the details to create an amazing ambiance. From the scented candles burning quietly in all the corners to the soundtrack of spoken french read over quietly swelling music to the towering breakfast spread of chocolate croissants and fresh juice. And of course the clothes were perfect for this romantic space - elegant, simple and subtly coquettish. Well there you have it. Fashion week is officially over and I can breath a sigh of relief. No, not because i was racing to every single show in my stilettos and trying to make it to all the social media parties, but because nothing makes me question my entire existence as much as NYFW. I have the classic social syndrome, FOMO, or fear of missing out. I always think the one social gathering I missed was the best one ever. I hate missing a single girls dinner out and will always be the first one on board when my college friends plan a reunion. So when the fashion scene suddenly becomes overtly, aggressively, constantly social for one week each February and September I am forced to endure FOMO on both a social and professional level. With each tweet I read I become more insecure, "will I ever get to see all these runway shows?" "since when do I feel entitled to be at any runway show?" "should I start designing my own clothes?" "who am I!?" Ugh, I am worn out!

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